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Cirith Gorgor (Limburgo, Holanda)

Género: Black Metal

1996 Rehearsal (Demo)
1997 Mystic Legends… (Demo)
1999 Onwards to The Spectral Defile (CD)
2001 Unveiling The Essence (CD)
2002 Demonic Incarnation (Demo)
2002 Through Woods Of Darkness And Evil (EP)
2004 Firestorm Apocalypse – Tomorrow Shall Know The Blackest Dawn (CD)
2006 Cirith Gorgor/Mor Dagor (Split)
2007 Cirith Gorgor (CD)
2011 Der Untergang… / Победа!!! (CD)
2015 Unified In Ceremonial Worship (Split)
2016 Visions Of Exalted Lucifer (CD)

Satanael:  Vocalista
Marchosias: Guitarrista
Valefor: Guitarrista
Valtyr: Bajista
Levithmong: Baterista

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