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AMON AMARTH (Estocolomo, Suecia)

Género: Melodic Viking Death Metal

(2016)  Jomsviking
(2013)    Deceiver Of The Gods
(2011)    Surtur Rising
(2010)    Hymns To The Rising Sun (Compilation)
(2008)    Twilight Of The Thunder God
(2006)    Wrath Of The Norsemen (Live)
(2006)    With Oden On Our Side
(2004)    Live At Grand Rokk Reykjavik, Iceland (DVD)
(2004)    Fate Of Norns
(2002)    Versus The World
(2001)    The Crusher
(1999)    The Avenger
(1998)    Once Sent From The Golden Hall
(1996)    Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds (EP)
(1994)    The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter (Demo)
(1992)    Thor Arise (Demo)

Ted Lundström: Bajista
Olavi Mikkonen: Guitarrista
Johan Hegg: Vocalista
Johan Söderberg: Guitarrista

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