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Hell’s Headbangers Vol. 8

Hell’s Headbangers Vol. 8

Hell’s Headbangers Vol. 8

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1.SCYTHIAN – Hubris In Excelsis
2.GOAT SEMEN – Genocidio
3.DEATHHAMMER – Powertrip
4.DEMONA – Chasing the Speed
5.ATOMIC AGGRESSOR – Faceless Torment
6.NYOGTHAEBLISZ – Daemonic Singularity
7.ABOMINATOR – Evil Proclaimed
8.OCTOBER 31 – Tear Ya Down
9.The LURKING CORPSES – The Leech and the Worm
10.DIAVOLOS – Death Metal
11.BONEHUNTER – Succabus
12.PERVERSOR – Anticosmocrator
13.PROFANATICA – Rotten Scriptures
14.CIANIDE – Rage War
15.DEIPHAGO – Evil And Adverse
16.AEVANGELIST – Halo of Lamented Glory
17.THE HAUNTING PRESENCE – The Ultimate Climax of Darkness
18.DWELL – Vermin In My Arteries
19.ABYSMAL LORD – Golgotha Crucifixion
20.NEXUL – Serpent of Acosmic Darkness (Rough Mix)
21.PERDITION TEMPLE – Scythes of Antichrist
22.EXECRATION – Ritual Hypnosis
23.DESTROYER 666 – Australian And Anti-Christ
24.DESTRUKTOR – Tyrants Condemnation
25.SHED THE SKIN – Rebirth Through Brimstone
26.FORCE OF DARKNESS – Thy Mystical Vibration
27.BARBATOS – Satanik Holocaust
28.NOCTURNAL BLOOD – The Third And Final War
29.GOUGE – Breath of the Reaper
30.SATANIC WARMASTER – Funeral Wolves